Intelli-Glide 36in deep
Intelli-Glide 36in deepIntelli-Glide


One Look. Endless Solutions.  Cold Vault Glide.

  • A ROLLER AND GLIDE SOLUTION for beverages and beyond
  • GRAVITY FEED PROBLEMATIC PACKAGES with one consistent look across your cooler doors or gondola shelving
  • INNOVATIVE GLIDE FLOOR AND ROLLER TECHNOLOGY ensures stubborn product design and paperboard packaging always seek open facings
  • ADJUSTABLE DIVIDERS ALLOWS FOR ENDLESS PACKOUT COMBINATIONS to be merchandised on one shelf for optimal merchandising space
  • PATENTED CLEAR FRONT PRODUCT STOP provides an unobstructed view of branded packaging while keeping product upright
  • MULTIPLE DIVIDER-FLOOR CONNECTIVITY POINTS prevents disorderly product arrangement and dividers from splaying
  • ADD-ON INNUMBERABLE SECTIONS to maximize most any width shelf space
  • Please call your PFI Sales Team for more information on available depths, widths, product stop heights and graphics options.