ECO+ Cool Glide® (black 9-wide). Other configurations available.

ECO+ Cool Glide

Cost-conscious, Single Serve Merchandising with our Cold Vault Gravity Glide
  • MADE FROM RECYCLABLE ECO-logical materials!
  • DURABLE INVERTED ARCH FRONT DESIGN provides strength without compromising visibility
  • NEW COPOLYMER BLEND makes it possible to offer top-shelf quality at a great price
  • LIMITED MODULAR ABILITY.  Simply unsnap a track(s) from a 6, 7, 8 or 9-wide configuration to configure the units to narrower shelf widths.
  • AVAILABLE FOR VARIOUS PACKAGE SIZES.  Accommodates one single serve bottle size per unit.  Ask to view the technical sheet to view the modular configurations by package size; 2 L, 32 oz, 1 L, 20 oz or 12/16 oz cans.
  • FIXED DIVIDERS and built-in inverted arch shaped product stops
  • ADAPTABLE FOR VISI-COOLER USE. Floor depths snap off to create 17.5”D visi-cooler floors
  • BEST SUITED FOR short, single serve packaging
  • Contact us to inquire about product variations, branded graphics or unit accessories.  If this still does not fulfill your needs and you would like us to create a one-of-a-kind merchandise solution, please explore our custom product process