Showoff Spectacular

The Showoff Spectacular combines the versatile Showoff III plastic rack with a Spectacular Corrugated Graphic Sleeve that can be changed multiple times throughout the year to go with promotions and more!

Features & Benefits

  1. The Showoff Spectacular is a combination of our Showoff III Plastic Rack and a Corrugated Graphic Sleeve i.e. Spectacular Graphic Sleeve that can be changed out multiple times during the year to go with promotions
  2. Spectacular Graphic Sleeve can be removed - all while leaving a permanent display in the market
  3. Stands out from traditional semi-permanent displays with eye catching graphics and custom headers
  4. Ships unassembled
Showoff Spectacular


Spectacular Graphic Sleeve Dimensions

19.25" W x 19.25" D x 62" H (height is approximate)

Showoff III Dimensions

18.75" W x 18.75" D x 48.25" H

Packout per shelf

(Showoff III)

2L bottles - 16

1L bottles - 29

7.5oz mini cans - 128

12/16oz cans - 96

12/16oz 4-pack cans - 24