Presence From Innovation (PFI) is a manufacturer and distributor of retail store displays and fixtures. We specialize in creating custom injection-molded single-serve coolers to drive impulse purchases at convenience and grocery stores. We also design and manufacture a variety of specialized retail racks and fixtures made of plastic, wood, metal, or wire.

Our clients range from Fortune 50 B2C companies to small independent retailers and craft consumer brands. Our Top 10 clients have an average relationship of 18 years. These enduring relationships are the result of our high-quality products and excellent customer service; The longevity of our sales team provides consistent account support to all customers leading to high customer satisfaction and quality service.

We help drive customer’s brand preference and ultimately, sales. From concept through distribution our capabilities are not limited by medium, retail channel, customer size or delivery requirements.

We are committed to transforming great ideas into even greater examples of the finest quality merchandising equipment, while maximizing the visual impact of our customers’ products.

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri where we employ over 200 people and shipping over 32,000 transactions annually. We have office, manufacturing and distribution facilities with over 350,000 square footage producing and distributing a variety of plastic, wood and metal/wire products. We also operate a Sourcing, Engineering and Logistics office in Shanghai China.

PFI was originally founded in 1956 by Paul Flum as “Paul Flum Ideas”. Over time, our name evolved to Presence From Innovation but we still honor our founder by maintaining our original acronym.

Introducing PFI InStore

PFI (Presence From Innovation) is a part of PFI InStore. PFI InStore provides retail displays ranging from temporary point-of-sale to permanent store fixtures. From concept design to manufacturing, we focus on supporting brands and retailers with moving their products through a store and ultimately to the cash register. Our businesses are market leaders through continued innovation and expansion of product offerings across each of our business segments. Visit for more information!