Why Retail Point of Purchase Displays Are Pure Profit Magnets

Brick and mortar retail looks drastically different than it did a decade ago. Today, retail locations are often doing battle against a growing trend towards e-commerce consumerism. Current statistics claim that e-commerce is growing three times faster than traditional retail and a little over half of all consumers admit to preferring shopping online.

Does this signal the demise of traditional retail? No, but it does demonstrate the need for retail businesses to be very focused in their marketing strategy. Brick and Mortar retailers need to adapt and learn to appeal to the new consumer mindset that’s focused on convenience, value and relevance. Retail point of purchase (POP) displays have become key for marketing and meeting consumer needs.

In and Out

One of the reasons that retail POP displays are so wildly successful is that they appeal to the quick in and out preference of shoppers. Considering that more and more major purchases are made online, many people only visit physical stores when they need something fast.

This means that they’re not lingering around, so it’s important to not only provide them with options but also convey your brand at the one place you know for sure they’re going to be – the point of purchase area.

Items on point of purchase are easy to find and when they’re optimally merchandised for the core consumer, the products on them essentially sell themselves while leaving the customer with the impression that your retail location easily provided them with exactly what they wanted.

Easy Decision Making

There is an element of urgency with POP displays. Put yourself in the mindset of the typical consumer standing in line. A strategically merchandised POP display catches their attention and they visual linger over the merchandise for a minute. They reach out, pick up an item and hold it their hands as they consider the purchase. This is all typical POP behavior.

However, the atmosphere isn’t like the rest of the store. They have a cashier waiting for them to decide, and possibly customers behind them waiting as well. It’s a now or never moment, especially considering that many retailers frequently mix up their point of purchase displays.

The item they’re considering might be here today and gone tomorrow. When retailers provide quality merchandise that’s of real interest and value to their customers, the decision process at the point of purchase can be nearly instantaneous.

Every Minute Matters

Perhaps one of the most powerful things about POP displays is that they encourage the customer to linger a little longer. Maybe they spotted something right when they walked in and that made them think of something else they wanted, or maybe the merchandise on a POP display served as a teaser for other merchandise that can be found deeper within the store. Whatever the appeal, every minute longer that a customer spends in a retail location increases the likelihood that they’ll spend more money.

Invest in Quality Shelving

When properly merchandised, point of purchase displays can be pure marketing magic. However, it all starts with high quality shelving and display solutions that help your POP area shine. Contact PFI today and let us tell you about our pre-built and custom retail display solutions that will make your point of purchase area more profitable.