The 3 Advantages of Investing in New Display Cases for Your C-Store

As a convenience store owner, purchasing new retail displays isn’t something that makes it to the top of your list very often. Typically, display cases only catch the attention of retailers when they’re opening a new location, remodeling their current spot or bringing in a new product line with unique display needs.

When these occasions do arise, it’s tempting to take the less expensive route and try to make the best out of what you already have or purchase second hand display units that have been “gently used”.

It’s understandable that you want to save costs where you can, and display cases can seem like a major investment, especially when you’re coming from the perspective that it’s the products that sell, not the display units that they’re on.

Still, there are some very good reasons to consider investing in new convenience store displays. The money you spend now can be an investment in your future, and here’s why.

You Can’t Argue the Visual Appeal

In the realm of retail, C-stores are a little different. Customers stop because they want something specific. It could be that they’re thirsty or need a snack, want to quickly grab something for their headache on the way to work or they’ve just ran out of windshield fluid. Regardless of the reason they’re there, most customers don’t spend a ton of time browsing in C-stores and some retailers have let this affect their approach to merchandising – in a negative way.

Just because your customers are in and out doesn’t mean that they aren’t still influenced by the visual appeal of your store. A location that’s merchandised with new, modern professional looking display cases is going to make them feel more comfortable plus it adds visual value to your merchandise, making it more interesting to browsers.

You Get What You Pay For

Used fixtures or finding ways to repurpose the ones you already have does save you money – right now. However, every convenience store display has a lifespan and there’s a lot of foot traffic in and out of your location, meaning that there’s also a lot of wear and tear on your display units.

The fact is that old fixtures just aren’t going to perform as well. They’re going to break or just fail to hold the merchandise properly. Not only can this eat up money in one small repair after another, but it also poses a safety risk to your customers. Buying new display units is an investment that actually saves  money.

New Fixtures Are Built with the Modern Consumer in Mind

As modern convenience stores are become more customer focused, it’s important that your display cases are able to keep up with the trends. For example, self-serve food centers today are very different from the snack racks of the past. Plus, features are built with customer comfort in mind with elements that keep prime merchandise at eye level and provide more room to make for a more pleasant and comfortable shopping experience.

New display cases can instantly elevate your convenience store. Today, you’re competing on a different level as a C-store. We have the custom display options that will add instant appeal and a modern look to your location. Contact PFI today to learn more.