The Important Role of Retail Displays in Visual Merchandising

The Important Role of Retail Displays in Visual Merchandising

The Important Role of Retail Displays in Visual Merchandising. Visual merchandising is something that retailers can find to be a challenging task. What should you display where to attract customers? This is the main question retailers must ask if they want to make their brands consistently understood by customers. It’s also an important question when it comes to increasing and maintaining sales. From the moment your customers walk in the door, they are surveying the area and making sense of your brand. The retail displays you use play a big part in telling that story of who you are and what you can offer as a business.

Everything from retail shelving displays to gondola shelving style is a part of your brand. You don’t want any part of your store to seem inconsistent. A forgotten display is a missed opportunity for a sale.

The retail display style sets the tone for the store. Is it serious? Is it fun? No matter what type of merchandise you sell, there’s a retail display scheme that’s perfect for your store. Bright colors, for instance, draw people towards a display. Fun fonts also draw people in with intrigue.

Retail displays definitely take a certain amount of planning. That’s where experts like PF Innovation come in. We already know what works for many different types of businesses. Themes help to unify an idea. Even when it comes to the types of retail shelving you’re using, it matters within the greater theme. Using imaginary settings like a nature scene, for instance also help to engage your customers imaginations. Summer signifies the beach. Fall signifies pumpkins. Keep within a theme. Remind your customers why they have come into your establishment in the first place. Whether it be for a seasonal shopping trip or quick convenience stop for water and a candy bar, everything in your store says something about the shopping experience your customers will have.

Keeping this in mind, choose your props wisely. Using a focal piece will help to catch the attention of your customers. Displays should also be at eye level whenever possible. This way, displays can be viewed from many different angles. Remember also that too many patterns and colors is distracting to the average consumer. Be sure that you know your focus when you go into building a display. These same rules apply when it comes to display cases as well. Bring a focal point into the picture to bring your in-store marketing efforts all together.

Things to avoid:

  • Over advertising

    Too many signs equal customers losing interest. Don’t over do it! Find one sign that gets the point of a sale or promotion across to customers clearly.

  • Messy displays

    A dirty display is an unattractive display. That’s just how it is! Make sure that ll of your retail shelving displays are free from dust and dirt and well-organized.

Things to consider:

  • Adding testimonials

    If customers see something that they can relate to when they’re just entering your business, they may be more intrigued by what your business has to offer them. Remember that the entire customer experience is streamlined. There are creative ways to add testimonials without being too pompous.

  • Change displays often

    Changing your displays often helps to keep your in-store marketing approach fresh. It will keep both you and your customers engaged and ready to often new and exciting things.

  • Look to professionals

    PF Innovation knows what it takes to drive sales using product merchandising. Let us help you with our vast collection of well-developed, effective retail displays. Contact us today and let us help you to bring your retail business’ earnings to their full potential.