How to Improve Your Holiday Merchandising

It’s shaping up to be another unprecedented holiday shopping season, and it’s more important than ever to optimize your holiday merchandising when people are on a mission to buy, buy, buy. You can’t just put everything out in your store without a plan; visual merchandising allows you to tell a story with your displays and products, enticing shoppers to buy.

Start With the Windows

The best way to get shoppers inside your store is to lure them in with your window displays. Great windows are the hallmark of some of the world’s most recognizable retail and department stores, and for a good reason. That’s especially true during the holiday shopping season.

Think Outside the Box

Although you don’t need a significant shopping holiday or a change in seasons to change out your merchandising displays, make your holiday merchandising special. Don’t use the decorations you had out last year — try something fresh, new, and exciting.

Want Vs. Need

When an item is a must-have, it almost doesn’t matter how you merchandise it– customers will buy what they need from wherever it is in the store. It’s the items that your customers want that you’ll have to convince them to buy. Remember this as you create enticing merchandising displays.

Group Accordingly

Find one thing aside from a price point to showcase when grouping products together. Think about groupings according to use, brand, or even combine colors for a striking look. This increases the chance of add-on purchases and average ticket sales because it’s easy to grab more than one item at a time.

Front First

Jazz up the front of your store with stellar merchandising and more expensive inventory. Studies show that customers are paying close attention to this area, and stocking top sellers here will improve the chance they’ll pick it up on the way to get what they need (see above re: wants and needs).

Adjust the Lighting

It seems obvious, but lighting can illuminate the way for shoppers. Your merchandising displays deserve to be in the spotlight, especially if you have high-end or luxury items with minor details (think: jewelry). Invest in display cases that have quality, built-in lighting to make this easy.

Don’t Skimp on Signage

Along with appealing holiday-themed merchandising displays, you can help shoppers make an educated buying decision with additional signage. Make them just as stylish as the rest of your store with plenty of product and pricing information.

Make It Photogenic

Get creative with your holiday merchandising and encourage customers to share images on social media. Invest in top-quality merchandise display cases that look amazing in the background of Instagram photos or provide a canvas for an easily-shared image from your Facebook business page.

Planogram It

There’s a reason planograms have been around since the inception of the retail store. They look much different now as digital iterations of the original, but they remain a handy tool to leverage as part of your merchandising strategy.

Ask For Help

When it comes to knowing how to merchandise a product, who is better than the vendor or manufacturer? Get a hold of a representative with the brand and ask for insight on how other retailers choose to merchandise the products. 

Invest In the Right Merchandising Partner

All the holiday merchandising plans, tips, and best practices won’t work if you’re using sub-par merchandising displays. Properly presenting your products is a smart way to boost your bottom line, and it helps to do that when you have custom merchandising solutions.

We also design and manufacture a variety of specialized retail racks and fixtures made of plastic, wood, metal, or wire. When you’re looking to optimize your holiday merchandising strategy in your brick-and-mortar store, count on us to provide you with the tools to do that — contact us today to get started!