C-Store Testimonial – Huck’s Market Washington, In.

Huck's Market founded in 1974...

The first Huck's convenience store was opened in 1974 in Grayville, Illinois. Since then, Huck’s Market has been able to successfully strike a balance that melds its devotion to a respected history with the desire to be forward thinking and at the forefront of innovation. Over the years, Huck’s Market has evolved into a convenience store chain that offers foodservice and fuel at 120 locations spread over 5 states. 

Reimagining the Cold Vault

Huck’s is in the process of remodeling existing and opening new stores.  They wanted to partner with an experienced company like Presence From Innovation (PFI). Who can provide a “One-Stop-Shop” solution for their Cold Vault Merchandising needs and assist in providing a destination for their customers.

When the decision was made to include PFI products in their new Washington, Indiana location, many aspects of the operation were fair game for a new look. "We wanted to look for a one-stop solution for our Cold Vault Merchandising" said Jon Bunch, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Huck's. "Instead of piecing various products together from different providers and companies we partnered with PFI to find the best solution for us".

Making an impact in the Cold Vault

"With our partnership with PFI we settled on four of what I think are amazing products, that is Cool Glide 20/20, C21 Shelving, Retail Shelving, and the Stockmaster Inventory Management System." - Jon Bunch.

Cool Glide 20/20 is the leading Cooler Shelf Glide from the company that invented the category over 35 years ago. "When we have vendors bringing in different sizes and shapes of glides the coolers look unorganized" Cool Glide 20/20 gives a "uniform look throughout our cooler" said Bunch.  A uniform cooler gives our customers "the ultimate look and visibility of the product".

PFI’s C21 Shelving System has been designed with both the customer and employee in mind. "This shelving is next level technology" said Bunch. C21 was created to maximize product merchandising, enhance display, make shopping efficient and to simplify resets with its adjustability. "One person can move the shelf up and down fully loaded" said Bunch. No other product available provides this combination of functionality, flexibility, efficiency, and durability. Huck’s was able to add additional shelves in their energy doors, from 8 shelves to 9 shelves. Adding facings for more flavors, and faster moving items for less out of stocks. 

This image shows before (left) and after (right) planogram optimization with C21. We were able to add one shelf to each energy door.

Stockmaster Inventory Management System provides the ability to keep your cooler organized and manage inventory.  "We really enjoy Stockmaster, it reduces the amount of lifting, audits go much smoother and vendors enjoy it as well" said Bunch.

Retail Shelving is "absolute must-have solution for the beer/soda cave". "Its 3,000 pound load bearing gives us the ability to maximize 12 packs, 15 packs" said Bunch. 

We feel that this is the crown jewel of Cold Vaults for C-Stores" - Jon Bunch

The Combination of PFI’s: Cool Glide 20/20, innovative C21 Shelving System, Stockmaster Inventory Management System, and Retail Shelving creates a perfect solution for Huck’s growth going forward. Creating a return on investment (ROI) system that pays for itself in a very short time!

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