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How to Create a Point of Sale Strategy

The point of sale, or POS, goes by several different names — register, cash wrap, front counter — and nearly every store has one. You can also use the POS to refer generically to your business’s hardware and software to ring up your customers and manage transactions and inventory. As the POS — both in […]

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A Guide to Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Merchandising your retail store is perhaps one of the most important business strategies you’ll develop. So, it’s crucial to understand your options when showcasing your products and solidifying your brand in shoppers’ minds.  Beginning with the right layout is always important. But once you figure out the footprint, it’s time to turn your attention to […]

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How to Improve Your Holiday Merchandising

It’s shaping up to be another unprecedented holiday shopping season, and it’s more important than ever to optimize your holiday merchandising when people are on a mission to buy, buy, buy. You can’t just put everything out in your store without a plan; visual merchandising allows you to tell a story with your displays and […]

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A Guide to Grocery Merchandising

Just because customers consider food a necessity, it doesn’t mean that store owners shouldn’t put work into grocery merchandising. In fact, a little more attention in this area can offer a huge return on investment.  What Is Grocery Merchandising?  At the most basic level, merchandising displays refer to the areas of the grocery store with […]

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Holiday Merchandising During COVID-19

While this holiday shopping season is set to be much different for retailers than years past, research shows that many of your customers are still planning to shop in person and spend as much (if not more) than they did last year. That means that retailers must do everything they can to increase margins and […]

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Importance of Point of Purchase Displays

Brick-and-mortar retail stores have been facing mounting competition over the years as eCommerce brands have grown exponentially. It’s been harder for small, local businesses to keep up and keep their doors open, and owners have been looking for tools and resources to help gain an edge. One of these strategies includes optimizing point of purchase […]

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Protecting Employees on the Job

While we have worked hard to “flatten the curve” during the spread of COVID-19, the truth is that brick-and-mortar retail stores are working hard to keep that curve flat while also protecting employees. Whether your business is considered essential or not, your employees are your best asset — and you need to take steps to […]

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Retail Merchandising Tips to Grow Your Business

Retail Merchandising Tips Retail Merchandising Tips. There’s no shortage of advice out there that will help your retail business grow, but perhaps the most important strategy of all is visual merchandising. It’s one thing to get shoppers through your door, it’s another thing to convince them to make purchases once their inside. The power of […]

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Retail Merchandising Trends to Watch in 2020

Retail Merchandising Trends to Watch in 2020 Retail Merchandising Trends to Watch in 2020. It can be easy to think that e-commerce is a monolith and a force that brick-and-mortar retailers are reckoning with. While there’s truth to the exponential growth of online shopping, there are still plenty of ways to gain a competitive edge […]

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Why Gravity Feed Racks are an Effective Merchandising Solution for Your Store

Gravity Feed Racks are an Effective Merchandising Solution Gravity Feed Racks are an Effective Merchandising Solution. Retail locations have a need for a variety of display fixtures. This is especially true for convenience stores that feature a range of products that need to be easily accessible for shoppers who are looking for a quick in […]

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