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5 Tips for Effective Convenience Store POP Design

Millions of new products are launched each year and customers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. As such, distinguishing yourself from the competition at a retail store becomes that much harder. To get an edge over competitors, many companies turn to point of purchase (POP) displays.

Retail POP displays can act as a silent salesperson and help establish an emotional connection with specific products. To make an impulse sale possible, the display needs to be targeted towards the end consumer.

Here’s how to create POP displays that will drive more sales.

The Basics of Effective In-Store Messaging

To create effective POP displays, use the 4C’s of in-store activation:

  • Command Attention – The goal here is to make your presence felt. To do so, select suitable colors, sizes, textures and shapes for the display. Incorporate movement, if required.
  • Connect with Shoppers – Use brand messages, packaging elements and marketing themes to instantly connect with customers.
  • Convey the Message – Tell a compelling, yet easily understood story about the product so that customers can visualize its benefits.
  • Close the Sale – Deliver a call to action that removes any doubt customers may have about purchasing the product.

5 Tips for Effective POP Display Design

While convenience store displays vary, there are certain designs that can applied to most. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind as you’re creating in-store displays.

  • Tip #1: Follow the Less Is More strategy. Choose which messages (features, benefits, and/or slogans) will have the greatest impact on shoppers and limit your ads to just those messages.
  • Tip #2: Know Your Colors.Different colors convey different messages. For example, red is an attention-grabbing color that emphasizes passion and importance, and yellow is a stimulating color that emphasizes happiness. Use colors and color combinations that are appropriate for the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Tip #3: Avoid Copying and Pasting Your Displays.A POP strategy that’s successful in one location may fail in another because of differences in demographics. Spend time getting to know the demographics of the locations where your displays will be placed, and then design your displays so that they truly speak to the end buyer.
  • Tip #4: Display Brand Representatives.If you have brand representatives for your product, include them in your retail POP displays, as they can make your product and your message more relatable to consumers.
  • Tip# 5: Create User-Friendly Displays. Your convenience store displays should be convenient for customers to use. Make sure products are easy to access. If you’re using an interactive design, provide clear instructions to customers about what they should do.

When designing POP displays, also keep in mind that materials matter depending on whether they will be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary.  

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