4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Gondola End Cap Merchandising

As a retailer, it’s your ultimate goal to optimize every bit of your merchandising real estate, while making sure that you’ve provided an environment that feels comfortable and easy to shop for your customers. From a sales perspective, this means that your merchandising needs to be purposeful while being in a prominent location that naturally catches the attention of passing traffic.

While you have multiple areas in your store that are great for driving sales, knowing how to effectively approach gondola end cap merchandising is a sure way of inspiring your customers to make a purchase.

The quality of your gondola merchandising matters for your bottom line. Here are a few tips and tricks for maximizing gondola end cap display space and making the sale.

Keep a Theme in Mind

Your gondola merchandising should always have a cohesive theme. Think about the customer who happens to wander by when something catches their attention. A themed display that’s visually appealing is going to entice them to browse longer and possibly add several items to their cart. On the other hand, a disorganized display with no common theme will appear to be the place you threw the random merchandise you didn’t have room for.

For example, a pharmacy could merchandise a gondola end with cold and flu merchandise or an auto parts store could feature all the necessities for a do-it-yourself oil change. Regardless of the theme you go with, making it obvious to the customer will encourage sales.

Showcase Your Branding

Gondola end caps are the perfect place to showcase your brand. Many times, a customer will walk into a retail location but really have to wander around if they want to discover what the brand is about. Granted, it’s not a bad thing to encourage wandering, but merchandising a gondola end cap with items that highlight your brand is key for driving interest.

Consider how a local craft store might feature merchandise that goes along with a current class schedule or how a grocery store could feature a s’mores end cap with all store brand items. These types of displays help to establish your authority and give the casual customer a taste of your overall selection.

Highlight New Products with Cross Merchandising

Do you have an exciting new product that you can’t wait to display? You could just stack it on an end to draw attention, or you could be more purposeful in your merchandising design. For example, a shop that features coffees and teas from around the world could merchandise their latest arrival of locally roasted coffee beans with a few accessories, such as brewing devices or mugs.

Entice them Down the Aisle

Merchandising your end caps to feature items from the corresponding aisle is a smart way to subtly remind the customer of something they need or want to look at. The key to making this type of display a success is all about visual appeal. Use color, along with the size and shape of packaging to naturally draw the customer’s eyes in and flow smoothly down the display.

The average customer doesn’t spend a lot of time wandering around a retail location. Each minute is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and gain a sale. Smart gondola end cap merchandising is an important element of your success; however, it all starts with quality fixtures. We have the high quality, pre-built and custom fixtures for your retail location. Contact PFI to learn more about our display solutions.