Retail Display Cases

3 Reasons to Consider Custom Retail Point of Purchase Display Cases

You’ve put a lot of effort into building the image of your retail location. You’ve invested time and energy into choosing just the right products and thinking about how to provide an excellent experience for your customers. You’ve done all of this with the goal of providing a service that stands out in your customer’s minds.

This is why so many retailers are left disappointed when they start looking at point of purchase display options. After looking at catalog after catalog, they find that everything is the same, and falls short of meeting their unique needs.

While prebuilt point of purchase display cases are a great option in some situations, they can present a challenge to retailers with unique spaces, products that are difficult to merchandise or just want something a little different.

There are times when point of purchase custom built units are the best option, especially for point of purchase displays. Here are 3 reasons why point of purchase custom displays might be the right choice for you.

Prebuilt Fixtures Just Don’t Work in Your Location

When you go with prebuilt retail POP displays, you’re completely at the mercy of the limited options a manufacturer feels like providing. Even suppliers that pride themselves on their variety of selection are limited in their options. The reason for this is simple. They also need to make a profit, so it only makes sense to mass produce units that the most businesses will be interested in.

Unfortunately, this means that many point of purchase display cases look the same. They’re the same sizes and shapes with a limited range of colors. If this presents a problem for you because standard cases just don’t work in your location, then it’s time to invest in custom units.

Point of purchase custom display cases can be built in any size or shape to accommodate your location. Plus, colors are customizable for when the standard black, white or woodgrain just won’t provide the visual appeal you’re looking for.

Quality Matters to You

Yes, you can find plenty of mass produced POP display cases that are built with integrity. However, you can also find plenty that aren’t. The fact is, and this is true for whatever you’re purchasing, custom built almost always comes with a higher level of craftsmanship.

Mass produced cases are usually built on an assembly line with random quality checks. This means that occasionally, flaws and defects in manufacturing get missed and sometimes these aren’t always visible until the unit has been in use for a while.

Custom units point of purchase units are built individually with attention to detail through the entire process, providing you a display with exceptional quality.

Your Unique Product Requires a Unique Solution

Standard sizes, especially for point of purchase displays, don’t always do the job. When product doesn’t fit properly into a display there’s a higher risk of it becoming damaged or losing the interest of customers.

A custom display case, built specifically for the product you have in mind, can solve these problems and make sure that your merchandising is on point and targeted towards generating revenue for your retail business.

When you have unique merchandising needs, we’re here to help you with point of purchase custom display solutions. Contact PFI today, and let’s talk about specialized display options for your business.