The Important Role of Retail Displays in Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is something that retailers can find to be a challenging task. What should you display where to attract customers? This is the main question retailers must ask if they want to make their brands consistently understood by customers. It’s also an important question when it comes to increasing and maintaining sales. From the

Use High-Impact Visual Merchandising To Increase Your Bottom Line

In a world taken over by ecommerce, it is more important than ever for retail stores to use visual creativity and design to engage shoppers and encourage sales. You can create a strong presence from innovation, design, and purpose within your store. First Impressions are priceless, especially now that consumers are finding much of their

How To Capitalize With Point Of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase, known as POP in retail, is a crucial place where sales are made. Originally, POP displays were only located around or within the checkout area, meant to encourage shoppers to make impulse buys on small but high-margin items while they wait in line. Now, POP has evolved and retailers are beginning to

Why You Need a Total-Store Approach?

Consumer purchasing habits have drastically changed over the last few years. The internet now offers a plethora of options for seeking out products including price checking, coupon clipping, and more – all which can be done from home before the customer even walks in your door. A total-store approach essentially maps out your entire selling

Cabinetry Tailored To Your Store’s Needs

Choosing fixtures and a design for your retail space is not only important, it can change the way your business runs and your customers shop. Being aware of your own needs and the consumers’ wants is the key to a successful store. Cabinetry can add style and function to your space. The Look Cabinetry offers

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