C21™ Cooler Shelving System

C21 Cooler Shelving System allows you to effortlessly reset fully loaded shelves. Maximize space in your cooler doors! Newly redesigned shelves are now even easier to use! 

We've updated the C21 Shelf!

  1. Channels added to front and rear of the shelf for pricing and plan-o-gram labels (rear channel can be removed)
  2. Shelf mechanism updated to provide a smooth pull with easy activation and consistent reliability.
  3. Dual-action pin mechanism retracts both pins simultaneously to eliminate uneven shelf adjustments.

Features & Benefits

Innovative Levers

Spring loaded levers allow one individual to reposition fully loaded shelves.

Numbered Uprights

Achieve tighter resets by utilizing numbered uprights. 3/4" center-to-center vertical shelf spacing reduces wasted head space.

Improved Shelf Strength

Structural crossbars eliminate warped shelving.

Optional Wall Bracket

For added stability you can secure C21 uprights with wall brackets.

Gain Horizontal Shelf Space

Narrower uprights make for an extra inch of usable horizontal shelf space.

UL Safety Standards and Commercial Test Certified

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