Solutions to Meet Your Challenges

Most of the work we do is custom. We are able to produce custom solutions for nearly any size client. We can bring your idea scrawled on a napkin to life. We are built to be your industrial design agency and also the manufacturing firm to produce it.

When we develop solutions, we consider so much more than just what the end product will look like. Our innovations are built from what we call our “Seven Pillars of Innovation.”

1. Creative

Based upon shared shopper insights, we develop solutions that speak directly to your target audience’s points of interest. 

2. Technical Use

We use exact engineering standards and advanced materials to design cost-efficient and structurally sound solutions.

3. Use Innovation

From the beginning we are thinking about end use. We maximize efficiency for your products’ dimensional constraints, pack out and loading requirements.

4. Ease-of-assembly

We design and build products to have optimal infield assembly time.

5. Supply Chain

From our material sourcing to the delivery logistics we work to minimize costs to increase your ROI. 

6. Financial ROI

We create incremental profitability and revenue lift with quantifiable placements.

7. Sustainability

We are respectful of our world’s limited resources from material sourcing to lean manufacturing processes and end of product life cycle plans.

Some of Our Work