Corrugated Displays

PFI is now offering a full slate of corrugated display solutions. These highly customizable displays will grab customers' attention in any retail environment. Full printing capabilities allow us to showcase your brand's graphics and quick turn-around times make it easy to capitalize on promotions. 

Case Sleeves

Merchandise an open case on top and store cases in the base. Perfect for promoting seasonal and premium products.

Dump Bins

Merchandise bulk products. Dividers are optional.

Case Racks

Display single serve bottles, trial products, multi-packs etc.  Shelves can be customized to fit most bottles/packages.

Case Stackers

Bulk product stacking display with large graphic panels.

Counter Toppers

Increase impulse buys and promote trial at check-out.


Unique and highly customizable addition to any display.

Pole Toppers

Unique and highly customizable addition to any display.

Case Toppers

A custom case topper creates a one-of-a-kind display by utilizing the space on top of cases.

Custom Needs?

Let's work together to create a display that will meet your needs!

Corrugated Displays

  • Max. file size: 1,000 MB.