Ice Coolers are perfect for impulse cold beverage purchases. Multiple variations to fit your merchandising needs. Contact our award winning team to help you grow your profitability.

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Ice Coolers


Retail Ice Barrel Cooler with Wheels that maximizes brand exposure. 3 Variations for your merchandising needs: Iceman I, Premium Iceman I and Iceman 3-in-1.

Ice Coolers

Iceman II Cooler

Tall and skinny cooler designed to better mirror the sleek packaging of an energy (or similar category) can.

Ice Coolers

Contemporary Cooler

Rectangle cooler designed to be placed against a countertop to optimize floor space

Ice Coolers

Nostalgia Cooler

Niche version of the Contemporary Cooler designed to mirror a retro ice bottle vending cooler

Ice Coolers

Retro Cooler

Niche metal cooler reminiscent of the original ice coolers in the market

Ice Coolers

Polar End Cap

This unit is typically sold directly to the retailers and graphics/brands rotate on a “pay to place” basis

Ice Coolers

Counter Server

Niche counter designed to capture the last impulse opportunity for customer purchase of cold beverages