PFI is your one-stop-shop for merchandising in the C-Store. We offer Cold Vault Merchandising products including shelving (C21), shelf glides (Cool Glide 20/20), retail shelving (RBC Shelving) and inventory management (Stockmaster and Bag-in-Box Stockmaster). In addition to our Cold Vault Merchandising items we also offer coolers, wire, wood and corrugate display racks, can rollers and more. Contact us to learn more.

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We partnered with Huck's Markets to provide C-Store solutions at their flagship location in Washington, Indiana. Read our blog for more info.

Cold Vault Merchandising in the C-Store


C21 Cooler Shelving System allows you to effortlessly reset fully loaded shelves. Maximize space in your cooler doors! Newly redesigned shelves are now even easier to use! 

Retail Shelving

Storage solution for walk-in coolers, beer caves, backroom areas and retail. Shelving rated to hold up to 600 lbs.  

Can Rollers

Organize bag-in-box deliveries and reduce work-related injuries due to repetitive heavy-lifting. 

Cool Glide 20/20

Our newest innovation in glides. Cool Glide 20/20 consistently fronts products. Crystal clear product stop displays product unobstructed. Comes in a variety of widths for any product size.


Complete inventory management system that allows retailers to take control of the Walk-In Cooler.

Bag-in-Box Stockmaster

Organize bag-in-box deliveries and reduce work-related injuries due to repetitive heavy-lifting. 

Other Merchandising Options in the C-Store


Ice coolers are a great way to grow profitability. Take advantage of impulse purchases at checkout with our ice cooler offering. 

Bakery Display Cases

Baked goods and breakfast is a growing category for C-Stores. Capitalize on that trend with attractive bakery display cases for donuts/pastries and more.  

Display Racks

We offer many different display racks for merchandising around the c-store. Many of our displays have wheels and gravity-feed shelves.

Assembly Videos

Assembly video for C21 Shelving
Assembly video for Stockmaster
Assembly video for Retail Shelving
Assembly video for Iceman

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