Retail Display Maintenance and Care Tips

Effective retail displays are more than just aesthetically pleasing elements; they are pivotal tools for attracting customers and bolstering sales. However, without diligent maintenance and care, even the most meticulously designed displays may lose appeal and functionality over time. In this blog post, we’ll delve into actionable tips and guidelines for retailers on adequately maintaining […]

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How to Display Discounted Items

At the heart of retail is the necessity to capture your customers’ attention. Your retail displays and merchandising strategies should catch their eye throughout the store. If there’s one tried-and-true method for encouraging impulse purchases, it’s through prominently displaying discounted items. Shoppers love a sale, and retail owners love to move products from the shelf […]

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Food and Beverage Trends To Watch for 2024

With the end of 2023 entering its final months, now is an excellent time to start looking towards 2024 and what changes and trends may be on the horizon in retail. For food and beverage retailers, c-store owners, grocery stores, and more, watching current and emerging trends can be beneficial to prepare for the new […]

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Ways to Improve a Retail Store in 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and improvement. For retailers looking to enhance their store experience, our Presence From Innovation (PFI) team offers expertise in designing and manufacturing retail displays, POP displays, shelving, beverage dispensers, and more. In this blog post, we will explore ways retailers can […]

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Two cans of cola in an ice bucket

A Guide to Cold Vault Merchandising and Coolers

Warm weather seems to be here to stay in the Midwest for the spring. There aren’t many things people enjoy more on a hot day than a cold, refreshing beverage. Convenience stores and grocers can set themselves apart by having functional and attractive for your cold vaults, beer caves, and store coolers. With a strong […]

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Aerial shot of store aisles

A Guide to Retail Shelving

When you picture a brick-and-mortar retail store, aisles and aisles of products likely come to mind. Stores whose merchandise is organized well throughout the space often have higher sales and higher customer experience reviews. One of the biggest keys to having an organized store is what’s underneath the quantities of products – the shelving. Whether […]

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Convenience Store Aisle

Convenience Store Merchandising Tips

It’s easy for convenience store owners to take their merchandising for granted. After all, the products in your store can practically sell themselves, right? Wrong! The real truth is that optimized visual merchandising is just as important in a convenience store as it is in a retail clothing boutique or high-end jewelry store. Our experts […]

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Retailer’s Guide to Corrugated Displays

Sure, great products and solid merchandising strategies go a long way towards building your bottom line, but retail signage on your corrugated displays will never go out of style. Retail signage is exactly what it sounds like: A graphic display that helps educate and engage your customers.  Signage is a connection potential (or current) customers […]

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How to Create a Point of Sale Strategy

The point of sale, or POS, goes by several different names — register, cash wrap, front counter — and nearly every store has one. You can also use the POS to refer generically to your business’s hardware and software to ring up your customers and manage transactions and inventory. As the POS — both in […]

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A Guide to Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Merchandising your retail store is perhaps one of the most important business strategies you’ll develop. So, it’s crucial to understand your options when showcasing your products and solidifying your brand in shoppers’ minds.  Beginning with the right layout is always important. But once you figure out the footprint, it’s time to turn your attention to […]

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