Learning about POP merchandising display options

“We buy with our eyes.” There’s a reason this adage has been true for years. In the age of growing eCommerce options, it’s especially important for brick-and-mortar retailers to remember this important psychological tip, especially when it comes to point of purchase (POP) displays. Merchandising your retail store is perhaps one of the most important […]

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display at store

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Optimizing Sales with Your Retail POP Displays

The point of purchase area of your retail location can add significant value to your bottom line when it’s merchandised effectively. Unfortunately, for many retailers this space remains underutilized. It isn’t always that the retailer is purposefully neglecting this merchandising goldmine, but rather that their merchandising strategy isn’t completely aligned with how consumers generally shop […]

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PFI And Butler

We Are Growing! PFI Joins Forces With Butler Merchandising Solutions

We’re excited to announce that we recently acquired Butler Merchandising Solutions, Inc., enabling us to provide permanent, semi-permanent and, now, temporary display solutions to our customers.

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Are you ready for Cooler Season?

Nothing satisfies a customer like an ice cold beverage.  The majority of single serve beverages in the U.S. are sold between Memorial Day and Labor Day when Americans take to the road for family vacations.  Many in the industry refer to this period of time as “Cooler Season.” “The majority of single serve beverages in […]

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PFI’s New Injection Press

Watch as our brand new Injection Press is moved into place and installed in our Hazelwood, MO warehouse! PFI is adding to our large press injection molding capabilities with a new 1,200 ton press. This is our third press larger than 1,000 tons! This new press adds significant production capacity as well as flexibility to […]

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3 Strategies for Sparking Customer Engagement with Your End Cap Displays

The potential of your retail space depends heavily on your approach to merchandising. A great display can draw attention and spark customer engagement, which ultimately leads to increased sales. When it comes to optimizing the potential of your retail space, end caps are one of your most valuable assets. End caps should help guide your […]

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4 Easy Ways to Generate More Sales from Retail Store Displays

When merchandising your retail location, you want to maximum impact out of every square foot. Displays are one way for merchants to capture the attention of customers and draw them in. There are dozens of theories on how to effectively merchandise your retail space. Many of these are dependent upon the type of retail location […]

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5 Ways to Maximize Sales with Effective Temporary POP Displays

Point of purchase (POP) displays are important revenue building tools for retail establishments. When customers are in your store, there’s a lot of merchandise pulling them in separate directions. By the time they’ve made their way to register area, chances of encouraging them to add to their purchase are limited. A strong temporary POP display […]

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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Gondola End Cap Merchandising

As a retailer, it’s your ultimate goal to optimize every bit of your merchandising real estate, while making sure that you’ve provided an environment that feels comfortable and easy to shop for your customers. From a sales perspective, this means that your merchandising needs to be purposeful while being in a prominent location that naturally […]

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Why Retail Point of Purchase Displays Are Pure Profit Magnets

Brick and mortar retail looks drastically different than it did a decade ago. Today, retail locations are often doing battle against a growing trend towards e-commerce consumerism. Current statistics claim that e-commerce is growing three times faster than traditional retail and a little over half of all consumers admit to preferring shopping online. Does this […]

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